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5 Ways To Transform Your Home For Spring

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. Big holidays have come and gone, the new year has greeted us and the weather is starting to warm up! Birds chirp loud and proud and everything seems to have life again. If that's what's going on outside, don’t you want to bring some of that warmth and goodness into your home, too?! I know we do at the Cottage, and we want to give you some practical ways you can do the same.

Change can be a daunting task for some of us, and we get it! That is why we love to help our Greenbrier hosts and homebodies by providing options that suit different styles and values.

Let's get right to it, shall we?

Here are 5 ways to transform your home for spring!

1. Brighten It Up

There are so many ways to brighten up spaces in your home, the fun part will be figuring out what changes are best suited for your home!

While there are bigger changes you can make like painting, refurbishing, and reupholstering, there are other subtle changes that can be made without picking up a full project. Don't let the word subtle fool you, a handful of small adjustments can give a space a whole new feel.

You can brighten up your home by…

  • · embracing open wall space

  • · simplifying your décor

  • · switching out throw pillows (or throw pillow covers)

  • · adding in a bright throw blanket

  • · layering a seasonal rug

  • · switching out your curtains

  • · adding height in lighting (finding various lamps and light fixtures for your home)

  • · rearranging some furniture

2. Try A Less-Is-More Mentality

After you have put away Christmas and winter decorations, have you ever noticed how spacious, light, yet bare the home becomes? We hear so many customers say how depressing it feels and they just have to do something! But, what if that something was embracing the openness that less brings?

By no means am I condoning leaving an empty house feeling empty, but we don’t always have to refill every nook and cranny the same for every season! Sometimes when one seasons is very full, you can create a more refreshing feel in the home the next season by allowing an airy vibe to fill the home.

Think of it as letting the breeze from the windows have space to run through your home and along the walls. If things are placed well it will create a seamless and welcoming flow to the eye.

Maybe now is the time to go through some décor and home accents to see what isn’t speaking to you anymore. Springtime is always a wonderful time to part ways with things that no longer serve a purpose or bring us joy. Simplify your space by keeping it open and airy for the new season breeze!

3. Bring In A Pop Of Color

We aren’t shy to admit our love of color at the Cottage and we want you to embrace your favorites, too! There are so many amazing ways to bring color into your home, with both subtle and statement approaches. If you love your neutrals, consider bringing in some unique textures and patterns.

You can have one focal color that is your favorite or you can have a pallet of your taste! Spring may be one of the most color filled seasons offering bold and soft options. Think of popular pastel colors that make pottery radiate on shelves and the softer pops of colors that might land on a wall or you may find in a garden.

If you're still unsure about too many colors or don't know where to start we have the solution for you!

Bring in some plants. Not only will they freshen up your air, unless you go the faux route. They will also add various tones of green and textures, not to mention all the different sizes and pottery options you can choose from!

Find a plant you love or start small with a succulent or get a custom faux greenery piece made just for you at the Cottage.

4. Welcome Florals

Don’t be shy to bring the garden inside! Florals are a beautiful way to add height, fill in a gap, bring in color, add in texture, and so much more!

Florals work great on mantles, as a centerpiece, on console tables, even on your walls! They truly are an elegant way to make your house feel more like a home.

If you are not super comfortable with fresh flowers, or do not love the upkeep, consider various flower arrangements using silks. That’s what we do at the cottage, and if you were interested, we make every arrangement in house by our super talented floral designer!

5. Rethink Your Walls

Oh, wall space. Sometimes it seems like we do too much, yet how do we not do too little? While spring is a fantastic time to let up on too much wall décor, it is also a time to get a little adventurous!

Why not try to flip things around a little! See what that painting in your entryway looks like over your mantle. Throw in a mirror or add that shelf you have been contemplating. So much of decorating is about trial and error and sometimes switching things around in your home can help you uncover true needs in a space, avoiding the possibility of empty purchases.

The bottom line...

You have to love the home that you are living in. The most important thing about your home is that it is exactly what you want it to be for you and your family!

You can choose one option from each of these 5 transforming alternatives or take a full dive focusing on the one most relevant to you. Regardless, the continual hope is that you have fun switching things up to give your creative side a chance to run wild in the Spring season.

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