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How To Style The Colors Of The Year: Meet Illuminating & Ultimate Gray

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

We are already almost two months into the new year, and we must say the color chosen for 2021 is pure perfection. Meet Illuminating, the name of the beautiful lemon skin yellow tone trending this year.

Two Colors?!

You heard right, Pantone chose two colors this year. In a poetic kind of way they decided to pay homage to 2020 in the complementing color Ultimate Gray. It was a hard year for many, and the gray color is meant to represent what was dark and dreary. Yet, the opposite cheerful yellow tone is the color we have now stepped into, as a representation of new hope and opportunity.

In life many of us learn that the hard times often shape some of the best things. Light and dark, hard and easy, both internally and externally we can see how opposites can be extremely complimentary. We appreciate the thought they put into picking these colors this year, but also what this really represents.

A new beginning.

While trends come and go and whether or not you choose to follow them is up to you, we must say we are adoring the bright welcoming color at the Cottage! After a year like last, what better way to welcome in the new year than picking a color that brings all the feels 2020 didn’t have to offer?

How Can You Utilize These Colors?

I hear many people express concern when it comes to yellow tones in their home because they feel like it is too bold. In some cases it can be, but I think the bigger picture is that any color can be as bold or muted as you want it to be! Yellow can be portrayed in a home as a bold warm color just as it can be a soft modest touch of brightness.

Don’t be shy to add in a pop of yellow here and there! If you’re feeling unsure how to do it, some beautiful colors that compliment this yellow tone are blues, soft pinks and peaches, and of course greens and white.

If you want to stick to the two colors of this year for your color pallet, perfect ways to incorporate Illuminating is adding in touches of yellow flowers. There are many options, so pick your favorites, and if you're feeling trendy find a stone gray vase to put them in!

You can also choose to focus more deeply on one color and let the other accent. The floral example above would still work, but if you are looking for something a little bit bigger you could paint a wall, create your own large abstract art piece using the two colors, even finding some gray bedding and accenting with yellow throw pillows and blankets.

If you want to embrace this color be sure to stop in Greenbrier to check out all of the beautiful Illuminating inspired color accents throughout the boutique. Whether photos in frames, blankets, décor, or in floral arrangements, we have fully embraced this year’s color and hope that you do, too!

We hope we can help you refresh your home for the new year and many years to come!

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