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2021 Trendiest Flowers: & How to Care For Them

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Whether the flowers are staying outside in the garden or being cut into a beautiful bouquet for your home, we are sure you can expect to see these florals blooming throughout this year.

Maybe over the last year you have started growing your green thumb or you are ready to give it a go now, here is a list of some of the trendiest florals you can expect to see this year…

· White Lilly’s

· Blue Delphinium

· Chrysanthemum

· Daffodils

Now let’s get planted into the tips to care for them!

The White Lilly:

These are beautiful flowers that can be brought into the home and cared for or a statement in your outdoor garden.

When you are caring for them indoors you may want to consider removing the anthers, which is the tall stems that grow from the center of the bloom. Doing this can help prolong the life of the flower but will also prevent staining of the white petals.

White Lilly’s also love bright areas, but be sure to avoid direct sunlight! This goes for heat as well as they thrive most in cooler areas so you will want to be aware of any vents blowing hot air near the flowers.

You will want to give these gals a water when their soil is dry to the touch but be sure not to overwater! Make sure you have some potted in something raised to allow drainage, pour excess out, or if they are planted outside that the soil that is being used has a good drainage flow.

The Blue Delphinium:

These are long and beautiful, the perfect accent to a yard space with their vibrant blue color. Not only are they beautiful but the next best thing is that they are perennials!

These flowers grow best in a cool and moist summer climate. Although the region where you live will play a role in where they should be planted.

Ideally these blue diamonds would be planted in full sun, but that’s only if you are in a climate the follows a cool and moist summer. If you are living in the south you will want them in a place where they will be shaded about half of the time. Note your climate and the direction of your sun in your yard, but also keep in mind that the sun is very important for these flowers to bloom their best!

Regular watering will be necessary but drainage is crucial for their livelihood. They are also heavy feeders, so sprinkling in some compost here and there will keep them healthy and pigmented.

Good air circulation is also super important for these ladies! This means you won’t want to overcrowd your garden bed, be sure to leave some room in-between so they can catch a nice breeze.

The Chrysanthemum ( Mums! ):

Ah, the beloved mum! These are so eye catching and would be a beautiful statement as people walk into your home.

You will want to be sure to plant these in well-draining soil. Keep in mind that these sweet little buds also prefer sunny spots and that sun will help make and keep their stems nice and strong!

Just like the Blue Delphinium, Mums also need good air circulation, so you will want to be sure to leave some space in-between to let the air move through them.

A common practice with Chrysanthemum’s is ‘pinching’.

If you have never heard of pinching before, it is the act of literally pinching the flower to remove the main stem which forces the plant to grow two new stems from the leaf nodes below it. In doing this you will ensure your Mums will produce abundant late summer and autumn blooms!

The Daffodil:

Daffodils are so pretty and eye-catching, they are sure to be the perfect statement in your garden.

These lovely florals do best when they are planted in full sun, and if they are not you will want to note that they will grow towards the sun they do receive. We recommend you plant accordingly!

Daffodil’s thrive in rich moist soil while also preferring a neutral to slightly acidic soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0. It is most important that they have excellent drainage.

Another thing to note with these beauties is that if your climate in the winter is dry, whether that means no snow cover or rain, they will need a watering during that time. The winter is where most Daffodils set their roots, so these flowers are typically planted in autumn.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen! Four popular flowers of 2021 you are sure to see and may even want to try to plant in your garden!

We hope these tips and this information helps you grow your green thumb!

Until next time, we hope you keep on planting!

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