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Decorating Your Home For Seasons Not Holidays

Holidays are always a fun time. Each one brings a different way of celebrating with food, family, friends and of course…décor!

As fun as it is to dive in to every holiday, sometimes when it comes to decorating it can become super exhausting to keep up with all the new décor and hard to continually store the decorations that come with every holiday. I mean there are only so many shelves in a closet that can be devoted to a holiday that comes around once a year.

I know there are so many cute ways to get into the holiday spirit throughout the year, but there may be a new way to approach redecorating that you might want to consider...

I am in no way suggesting that you don’t emphasize a holiday, you’ll never catch me without pumpkins and Christmas trees, but there is a way to simplify all of this that will keep your home looking great and festive!

Are you ready for it?

Decorate your home based on seasons not holidays. If you focus on purchasing décor that is in season versus decorations that follow every holiday, you will have more space, things will be cohesive, and you will be able to enjoy all of that seasons décor much longer!

There are four seasons every year, this means rotating through or changing up one rooms things with another four times. Perhaps you bring out one staple item for the holidays you really enjoy throughout those seasons, but your whole home isn’t redecorated according to it.

Let’s get into some ideas for each season so we can make sure we are on the same page!


The beginning of winter usually starts with heavy Christmas décor. Like I said earlier, you’ll never catch me without a Christmas Tree and some stockings, but those can be the few staples throughout your home that really bring out Christmas.

If we step away from the large holiday that falls into the beginning of winter we can think about the feelings and colors that we associate with winter. I am sure this could mean more blankets on the couch, firewood, snowy art pieces, pops of red, green, gold or silver.

Since Christmas is probably one of the biggest holidays oriented around decorating, another great option to limit how much Christmas only décor you have is to keep it set to one area in your home. For example, focusing on the mantle in your living room or a side table against a wall.

I would urge you to think about what that season brings to you and showcase that, that way when the Christmas décor comes down the house doesn’t feel empty and cold, it just still feels like winter!


Spring is always an exciting time because the days are getting longer, the sun is warm, and the birds sing loud. Things start to look greener and feel lively again.

Focusing on rotating colors around is super helpful in bringing in the seasons. If you think about it, a lot of people register a holiday or holiday décor pieces based on colors of the season. Things will appear festive and trendy if you play up on those colors, which means you don’t necessarily have to have a bunch of eggs, bunnies, and various little things to be in the holiday spirit.

I mention this in spring because I think greenery, whether live or fake, adds a whole new element to any home. It will also help liven up your space, kind of bringing in those feelings of outside into your home.

Utilizing pastel vases or candle holders is also a great way to add in a pop of color, and again switching up any art on the walls will add a whole new element. Even if you are just switching art around from room to room!


Luckily, Spring fades into Summer quite seamlessly in terms of freshness, light and pops of color. Not much change may need to be implemented here if you didn’t want to.

Simple changes like updating the fresh florals (or silks) around the house, maybe alternating throw pillows once again and of course putting away any spring specific holiday décor. Anything else would be brought out solely to your liking and the vibe of summer you wanted to bring into your home!

One of the biggest changes that may happen during this season is focusing less on the inside and more on the outside. Things like landscaping, patio set-up and outdoor entertainment. Now might be the time you dust off the outdoor dining sets and bring the cushions back on the comfy patio seating.

There are so many fun outdoor décor options you can find to really dress up that area, making it feel like an extension of the inside of your home!


This time of the year, especially around the Greenville area, is absolutely magical. The colors of the trees changing and the weather cooling off giving that relief after the hot summer months, it is the perfect welcoming to some of the biggest holidays of the season.

After an easy adjustment from Spring into Summer, we are now back to a little bit of a bigger change in terms of décor. Yet again, this season brings loads of very holiday specific décor that can be totally optional.

When it comes to fall I would encourage you to think about the feelings that you get and the vibe you want your home to have based on the weather, your activities and the things you enjoy to do in your home come this season. Maybe you read more, hike more, entertain more, all of these are things to consider. Then, think about how you can make your home more functional according to your lifestyle throughout this season.

In terms of decorating, one things that fall always makes me think of is food. There is such a shift in the types of food that we eat and serve starting this season, a fun way to amp up the décor in your home without actually purchasing décor is setting out little snack jars as a display.

Maybe it’s some of your favorite candy or Grandma’s secret cookie recipe. Either way, food is something that brings people together and is always great to have on hand!

Another thing to consider is the colors that make you feel fall the most. This could be oranges, golds, browns and purples. Anything could work really, it all depends on how you want to represent the season in your home!

Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to get creative with what you have!

We hope this inspires you and helps make your life a little simpler and more inventive when it comes to celebrating the holidays! Focusing on the seasons versus specific days throughout the year will help you keep up and keep on loving the space you live in!

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