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How To Create Unique Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Outdoor dining areas are such a fun and unique addition to any living space! When the weather is nice it extends your hosting space and your ability to embrace the outdoors providing a great change of scenery.

Whether you have a large outdoor space or a small patio, any area can become the prime spot for all of the outdoor entertainment your heart desires!

Let's dive into some of the various options you may have in your very own backyard...


If you have a large yard and aren’t looking to or don’t have any type of patio you can always utilize picnic tables, put in a firepit, or add in a pergola!

There are so many ways to form your own entertainment area and the more creative you want to get the more unique your outdoor living space can become. Order some beautiful new pieces or upcycle different things from your home or your local thrift and hardware stores.

If you have a decent amount of open yard space also consider all of the fun games you can have laid out when you have company! From bags (or cornhole) to Giant Jenga, the opportunities for outdoor fun is endless!


If you have a patio or deck you can dress it up with an outdoor rug, bright throw pillows and some cozy seating accent pieces. Different things like oversized floor pillows and benches will add a creative look while also serving a purpose of added seating.

Figure out what type of furniture you like. It may be the woven basket look, it could be metal or plastic. Also, be sure to take inventory of what you have. If you have some furniture that you aren’t sure you love anymore consider selling it or repurposing it! A little bit of paint and new seat cushions can go a long way.

Another great way to dress up your patio or deck is adding in some outdoor plants! Various trees in fun planters is a great touch that adds to the outdoor feeling while emphasizing a cozy spot. Lemon and lime trees would be a bright addition while simultaneously providing you some fresh citrus!

Screened-In Porch:

If you have a screened-in porch you can really cozy up your space in unique ways! Since it is covered, you can utilize a bit more of a variety in furniture which could make for a very cool space.

Consider keeping magazines or books out on a small bookshelf, an area to store different drinking glasses, or even a small fridge for refreshments.

Think about what you do when you are spending time in your screened-in porch and play up on that. If it is hosting seating, tables, and trays may be more of a focus.

There are so many unique ways to make your outdoor space a place that you and your friends and family will love! Simply think about bringing the things you want your home to emulate outside, and fashion it in a way that is durable and logical to it's surroundings.

Whether you go big or keep it quaint we hope that these ideas inspire you to extend your living outside during these warm spring and summer months!

Have fun and and go embrace your outdoor space!

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