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Dough Bowl Decor

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

What does baking bread have to do with beautiful home décor?

You'd be surprised to learn that the beautiful wooden bowls we use for decorative display are inspired by traditional dough bowls.

The Dough Bowl Story.

Dating back to colonial times, these bowls carved from a large piece of wood were found in every home. These pieces of art were perfect for letting bread dough rise because the wood was a natural insulation and kept the yeast warm. A good dough bowl was often handed down to the oldest daughter as both an heirloom and a reminder of the loving hands that prepared their daily bread. It was not uncommon for a future husband to carve a wooden dough bowl for his bride as a wedding present.


Although most of us don't bake our own bread these days (kudos to those who do!), we can still enjoy these traditional bowls by making them part of our seasonal style. Dough bowls are the perfect design piece to adorn your table or use for decoration, adding a stylish aesthetic to any space in your home.

The organic, sleek oval shape is perfect for displaying faux fruit, florals, and other decorative objects, or use it as a catchall at the entrance of your home for keys and other trinkets.

Dough bowls have a vintage charm that is ideal for seasonal décor, and adding natural elements to your home is an increasingly popular trend in home design. At Greenbrier Cottage, we have a beautiful selection of styles and sizes to fit your space perfectly. Whether you love what we've done or are looking for something customized, we are here for you! Mention our blog and (surprise!) save 20% off your purchase.

Custom Floral Seasonal Refresh is available. Prices vary.

*Excludes furniture, other restrictions may apply. See store for details.

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