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4 Considerations When Choosing A Centerpiece

Whether you are the hostess of all hostesses or the total homebody, there are some little touches we can all appreciate in our homes. You guessed it; a centerpiece is one of them!

A centerpiece can make a big difference in a space. Whether it is for your dining table, the island in your kitchen, or a coffee table, the options may seem endless. While there is not a one size fits all for each of these areas, there are common considerations for you to take into account when beginning the process of putting one together.

Let’s dive into the 4 things you should consider before deciding on the perfect centerpiece for your space!

1. Length

First you will want to take note of the size of your table in all accounts. This means the height, the length, how many people sit around it, and what the space is used for. Snacking, dining, gathering?

Next you will want to pay attention to the shape of the table. Is it oval, square, rectangular or circular? What other shapes are in that room that could potentially play a factor in what goes on top of the table to tie the whole room together?

The length of the table, or area, will play a large role in the different options of centerpieces you will want to consider. If you have a long dining table, you might opt for an oval or rectangle holder or multiple smaller pieces to line along the center of the table. If you have a round coffee table you might just want something on the skinner side, so it doesn’t take up too much space, but something that also has a good height to add some more dimension.

Luckily, no decisions have to be made yet, this part is solely about recognizing the space, its uses, and the shapes that are within the room!

2. Height

Now that we have taken mental note of all of the shapes and uses of the room, it is time to use those answers to figure out a good height for the centerpiece itself.

Usually, you wouldn’t want the height of the centerpiece(s) to be over 6-7” tall, especially for a gathering space. If you are looking for something taller, I would highly recommend also paying close attention to the seating in the area. If we are looking at dinning chairs how does the padding play a role in the height of you and your guests versus a flat wooden chair? If we are looking at a coffee table, do you and your family or guests usually sit on furniture within the room or do you sit on the floor closer to the table?

Consider all of these things when deciding on what type of height you want for the piece. Keep it practical to your lifestyle and aesthetic. You will probably get tired of a piece if you have it there to accentuate your space but have to move it out of the way whenever you actually go to use the table or spend time in that room. It somewhat defeats the purpose, so keep that in mind.

Remember that height isn’t the only way to make a statement! Something low and full with a lot of color or texture can do a lot for a room, especially on a table. You don’t need something tall and grandiose all the time to make a statement. While there is always a time and a place for a piece like that, if it isn’t at the center of your dining table, stay true to that!

3. Color Scheme

Now we are getting into the fun part!

If you are looking for a centerpiece you probably feel like there is something missing in the room. Think about that and tell yourself what it is. It could be a pop of color, texture, height, or warmth.

Look at the colors that surround the area. Are they neutrals? Do you already have a color that is prominent that you can play off of or up on? If you do have a colorful space already and aren’t afraid of adding a little extra, think about some colors that would compliment the pallet already in the room.

If you are a person that likes to keep a table made, meaning you usually have some type of tablecloth or runner, table mats, and various things out for display or use, maybe you just need a little something that you can have on the table for most seasons. In that case, you may want something a little more neutral that can resonate with the change of your décor.

4. Vase or Container

Finally, you will want to consider the type of container you will want your centerpiece to be in.

The vase or container that you choose can add a lot of character and charm to the overall piece. This is the icing on the cake where you tie everything together! From the color scheme to texture, height and length to the size and vibe of the room, now is where it all becomes a finished cohesive setting!

You will also want to keep in mind the height you are wanting for the whole piece, because the holder will play a role in height variance. For example, if you wanted a floral piece that showed a lot of stem, you will probably want a shorter container, otherwise the piece may end up being too tall.

Try to picture it all together. Pieces like raw pottery work great with bold pops of color, elegant neutrals can go great in a bold colored vase or a textured white vase, and a tribal feel or patterned vase would be great with deep green pieces.

Things to keep in mind...

Not all centerpieces have to be a floral arrangement or only consist of florals! Remember that you can utilize trays, baskets, and long dishes for the center of your tables. Candles, jars, and various other items can always be tied into floral arrangements or intertwined with greenery to create something truly spectacular.

Another way to add a little more drama would be to have some greenery that drapes along the pottery or table. Obviously, this would have to correlate with the rest of the vibe of the piece, but it is a fun way to add texture, volume, and drama!

Choosing a centerpiece is such a fun way to tie in all the hard work you have put into decorating! No matter what room you are decorating for, be sure to consider these 4 tips to find or create the perfect piece!

And remember, at the Cottage we do all custom florals! Order online, have it shipped or pick up in store!

Keep it fresh and keep it wonderful!

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