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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

When you are living in a small space it can be tough to create all of the room you need for storage and functionality. While tough, not unobtainable!

The obstacle of living in a small space shouldn’t become a distraction or reason to not love where you are currently living. Every home, big or small, comes with different quirks and difficulties we have to find solutions to.

Smaller homes and living spaces have also become quite the trend these days. From simple living to tiny homes and the ultimate travelers living the van life, they are great examples to show that you can make your space work just how you need it to!

So, if you are living in a smaller home, condo, or apartment and need some help figuring out how to embrace your smaller space, read on!

How can you make the most of your small space?

1. Utilize Your Storage Well & Use What You Use As Décor

The storge that you do have should be used, but make sure you are using it well! Most apartments and condos come with some type of outdoor storage housed in a room next to the actual condo/apartment itself. Use that for larger items, seasonal things (like a Christmas tree), camping equipment, ect. If it is roomy enough and would provide better organization consider adding in some shelving or metal racks to keep everything neat and visible, and most importantly, accessible.

Storage doesn’t stop there. Every closet and cabinet counts, too! Create a flow in your home that makes sense to where things are being stored. And, always remember that you can add shelving and storage in various ways if you are lacking in the closet/cabinet department.

Things like armoires, dressers, and antique cabinets are great ways to add statement pieces into your home along with providing various storage options.

Next, don’t always have the perception that storing things means having it all put away. I bet you have some really cool things, and maybe you use those cool things quite often. Use them as a focal in your home by using it as a decorative piece. Both pretty and functional, right?

Consider kitchen aids, various instruments, art supplies, books, ect. These are things that are pretty, add personality, and showcase the things that you enjoy doing! There is no shame in having a little display of who you are in your own home.

2. Stay Organized & Make Sure Everything Has A Place

If you have read any previous blogs you are probably beginning to understand the importance of being organized…

What can I say? This is probably the greatest rule anyone can follow, and it is so helpful! The more organized you are with your things the smoother things will flow on a day-to-day basis.

This is especially important in small spaces!

The home will feel very cluttered very quickly if things don’t have a place to go. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to have a lot of things, it just means we have to be creative in how we store and care for all of these things so that each one has a place to call home. The neater things are put away the more open your space will appear to the eye. That will make a big difference in the vibe of your home for you and to for your guests.

3. Pay Attention To The Placement Of Your Furniture

Space planning is going to play a very important role in the functionality of your small space. Where everything is placed will depend on the layout of each room, what the purpose of that room is and the purpose of the furniture, and then the size.

You don’t want everything to be pushed close together attempting to keep the area ‘open’ because that will make the room feel crowded and make it look like everything had to be pushed together to create room. You also want to avoid pushing everything against the walls, aiming for the same goal of creating an ‘open’ feel. Smooshing things together or dragging things right to the wall or edges will create the same perception that this room is too small for all your things-which probably isn’t true.

Instead, allow for some wiggle room between walls and furniture and still place it like you would in an open space. Things can be adjust from there according to other furniture pieces and the needed walking room.

4. Decorate Wisely

Decorating is a huge part in making your house become a home. But it is important that small spaces are not over decorated. If you have too much going on in an area that is already tight or serving multiple purposes it can easily look overdone and give off a crowded feeling versus a cohesive stylish vibe.

Having some open wall space will help make the wall décor you choose seem purposeful in placement. If you have a lot of things that would look great on the wall, consider adding one or two shelves and layer your different pieces on them.

The same rule goes for knickknacks. Too many small pieces scattered throughout can make a space appear disheveled. Décor comes in a variety of sizes and that's because different pieces can all play off of each other to tell a story and effortlessly tie rooms together.

Of course we don't want a barren home, so don't take this overboard! Just be mindful of what you have to decorate, where you are placing your items and always take a step back and see how it looks as you go.

5. Keep Main Paint Colors Light

Heaps of dark colors can make a room feel much smaller and confined than it really is. Dark touches or a fun accent wall will still add character to your space, but I highly recommend using darker colors as accents throughout than being the main color scheme in a small room.

The other reason to keep paint colors bright is to attract more light into your home! A lighter feel will give an airy vibe which we usually relate to larger open spaces. Think of paint as being mirrors in your home. Mirrors create a reflection that trick the eye in making spaces appear larger than they are, reflection with light can have the same effect.

Keep in mind that this doesn't mean you have to have all white or beige walls. There are so many different colors out there and any color you like you can be adjusted to your perfect tint. There is no need to avoid color or patterns, just be mindful of the depth the color presents and the effect the pattern can have on a whole wall (referring to wall paper or tiles).

And there you have it! Five tips for making the most of your small space(s)!

Small spaces can be great and are honestly more trendy than ever! You may love where you are right now, with your small space being a purposeful move in life, or it may be your temporary place of rest.

Either way, BOTH are amazing!

We hope these five tips help you transform your small spaces into something special and uniquely yours. Everyone should love where they live, regardless of the size.

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