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5 Affordable & Fun Updates You Can Do Today!

Updates to your home can make a huge difference in functionality and appearance. Whether you are living in your dream home or have found yourself a fixer upper, there are always things that can be done to add a little more you to your home.

The only problem is…we don’t all have the time and money to put into the renovations that we would love to happen. Sometimes it can feel discouraging when you have a home that you don’t totally love, but also don’t know what you can do to fix that without unloading the savings.

Whether you are renting or a proud owner we have got some great update ideas that you can do today! The best news about it? These updates are not time consuming; it can be as cheap or expensive as your budget allows, and it is a way to bring your style into your space.

Let’s dive in to the 5 affordable and fun updates you can do today…

1. Add Some Greenery

The power of greenery in a home and space can be so underestimated! Just a few small plants or a tree in the corner is a great way to add in color and texture.

Another awesome bonus? There are so many fun pottery and vase options to choose from! It is such a simple and easy way to add a beautiful, yet thoughtful, touch. You can keep it simple with a neutral color or add in a bold colored pattern depending on what your room needs.

If you are going the real plant route, note that they help keep your air fresh! What a great way to liven up your home and purify your air.

2. Paint...Anything!

It’s true what they say, fresh paint really does make a world of a difference in any space. It can brighten up a room, make it cleaner, or completely transform what a room once was.

Usually when we think about painting, we consider walls, which makes sense. But, if we get a little creative we can utilize the transforming power of paint to make some new statements in your home!

Maybe you love the color of your walls already and don’t want to paint the walls, but there is just something else missing. Consider painting the doors in your house. Yes, this means closets, bedrooms and more. Don’t forget about the accent furniture you have all throughout your home. Does a cabinet just need a sanding and a new stain or a coffee table need a fresh coat of paint?

Don’t just look at your walls, but also pay attention to the things that are around your home. There could be some great pieces that you have been thinking about replacing that actually just need a little love and a new spot!

Now that we have gotten some of the more basic things you can paint out of the way, consider painting your floors, kitchen/laundry cabinets, and even your mantle space if you have one. Adding in pops of color or shades of what is already being used in your home will make for a beautiful statement.

Fun Tip: if you really want to make a statement and try something a little different, try using stencils when you are painting! This would be great for an accent wall but could be very elegant on a coffee table top and is a great tool for painting floors.

3. Switch Up Your Pillows

If you have throw pillows throughout your home a great little change is to switch out the pillow covers for them!

Whether they are full of stuffing or you have the actual insert, having a few different pillow cover options will always keep colors, textures and patterns rotating throughout your home. If you have throw pillows in a number of rooms don’t be shy to mix and match where they go. Take them from your bedroom and put them on the couch and vice versa. Whatever works for the season and current vibe of your home!

I love having pillow covers on hand to go with the seasons. They store great and make a huge difference throughout the house whenever they are changed!

When you are choosing what pillowcases to buy be sure to pay attention to the various sizes you are looking for and the colors that you want to pull out from your décor. This is a great way to add in texture if things are looking a bit flat. If you notice things don’t have a cozy feeling, some full, larger, throw pillows will help that immensely.

Pro Tip: I love adding in colorful rugs to a room. It helps add a statement, and with many colors in the rug you can choose one to focus in on. I love to base various throw pillow covers I purchase on the rug that is in the room, so that different colors can become a focal and pulled deeper into the area.

3. Change The Knobs

This may be the most unique change, but if you think about it all sorts of knobs are all throughout most of our homes.

From doorknobs on closets and bedrooms to handles and smaller knobs in kitchens, bathrooms, and not to mention dressers and other storage furniture, they are all over. Changing all of your doorknobs in your home can make a huge difference and it will be a change people will notice but may not be able to figure out…until they are complimenting you on your stylish choice.

There are so many different styles out there, you don’t have to stick with the usual metal looking doorknobs. This also goes for all of the little knobs in your home! There are tons of places that carry unique little knobs that you don’t have to use just for your dresser. Add some color in a very subtle way by throwing in a beautifully painted knob on all the cabinets in your kitchen!

I love this tip because you can make this change very easily, and you can do it even if you are renting!

You don’t have to empty the savings account for this either. Pick and choose how much you want to invest, whether you are looking at craft stores or discount stores, and let’s not forget thrifting… If you want to make it something you’ll love for a long time, consider Etsy and other local specialty shops that could potentially get you exactly what you’re looking for!

Regardless of the route you choose, this is a very fun way to play up on your unique style.

5. The Accent Wall

Now I know what you’re thinking. We already touched on paint, is that not the most affordable way to create an accent wall? It can be, but there are SO many other unique ways to create an accent wall that don't involve paint at all!

First, be sure to consider what room(s) you spend the most time in. Is that the room you want to create an accent wall in? Then you have to pick the wall that would work best. It could be the wall behind the couch, the wall with the fireplace, the wall everyone sees when they first walk in. You get to choose based on your space and wants!

The wood wall is a very popular way to add texture and warmth, but creating that can get kind of expensive. An alternative to this would be to use recycled wood and not put it all throughout the wall. That’s right! Scatter it along so that the wall has touches of a beautiful, stained wood. That might just add more of a statement than a whole woodwall!

Another fun play on a wall would be to add some curtains and lighting directly to the wall. If the wall you choose was directly behind a couch, you could drape elegant curtains high up and throw in some sconces to each side. Put a shelf up in the middle with family photos and what a room you would have just created for yourself!

Remember that the key to creating an accent wall is all about utilizing most of the wall space in a unique way. This means you can hang a bunch of family photos, use empty antique picture frames, various wall art, plates, woven baskets, mixed metals, and so much more. This is a great way to showcase something you love in an artful way so your space can represent you and look as unique as you are!

Don't Forget...

Next time you are looking for something unique to spruce up your space, we hope you try one or some of these tips!

The more affordable you want to be the more creative you can allow yourself to get! Go through things lying around your house or things that you feel you don’t use anymore and decide if it can be used in some new way. Pick and choose where you want money spent and go from there!

If you feel like you need a little more help with decision making or figuring out exactly what it is you need, reach out to us! Don't forget that we offer virtual home consultations. An hour of your time will be the start of your dream home!

No matter the route you take, we hope your home turns out as lovely as you.

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